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Aluminum foil tapes with liner, acrylic adhesive

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The TAL aluminium sealing tape improves the air tightness of the ductwork joints in HVAC systems. The sealing tape is available in 50-metre and 10-metre reels, 50, 75 and 100 mm wide. Three basic sealing types for HVAC systems are available. The temperature resistance depends on the type of sealing tape as shown in the table below.
TAL — 30-micron aluminium tape for sealing ventilation ducts at air tightness class A or B according to Eurovent’s requirements.  The acrylic glue provides excellent tack and permanent bonding strength.
TAL-..-..-4 — 40-micron self-adhesive aluminium sealing tape designed for applications which require enhanced resistance to moisture. The acrylic glue is insensitive to water and high temperature variations, which makes this sealing tape a perfect choice for ventilation and air cooling systems.
TAL-25 — self-adhesive aluminium sealing tape with temperature resistance up to +250˚C and high-strength acrylic glue. The 50-micron aluminium foil layer makes this product perfect for fireplace air heating systems.

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