Photo of product family: HRU-FlatAIR-150

Heat recovery units units of the HRU-FlatAIR series are modern units with a capacity of 150 m3/h @100 Pa. For heatrecovery is responsible for countercurrent exchanger made of plastic (PET) or enthalpic exchanger that recovers moisture.
Due to their very compact size, they will find use in apartments and condominiums. The height of the device is only 200mm and the diameter of the connections is 125mm. This allows the entire installation to be built into a suspended ceiling without taking up any usable space. The device has a condensate tray integrated with the heat exchanger, which eliminates the risk of condensate appearing in an undesirable location. This is particularly important with this method of installation. An additional advantage is the design that allows full service of the unit without the need to disassemble the unit.

A built-in electric heater protects the heat exchanger from freezing, and a built-in RH sensor takes care of the optimal humidity level in the house. The recuperator connects to the controller and additional sensors via wireless radio communication. In addition, the HRU-FlatAIR unit can be connected to the Internet and controlled using a mobile app. The recuperator is made of self-supporting EPP construction, which is characterized by strength, lightness as well as very good thermal and acoustic insulation.

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