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Plenum boxes with long connection spigot for air valve

Photo of product FLX-PLO-EPP-L30


The FLX-PLO-EPP-L plenum boxes are part of the FLX-REKU air distribution system designed for domestic mechanical ventilation systems, so-called the MVHR system, to which an air valve and FLX-HDPE / FLX-HDPE-A ducts with a diameter of Ø75 are mounted. L version allows to install the valve through a concrete ceiling a or a thick wall. The FLX-PLO-EPP-L plenum boxes are made of expanded polypropylene, i.e. EPP, while Ø75 spigots are made of ABS.

The FLX-PLO-EPP-L plenum boxes are equipped with TPE gasket on Ød2 spigots as a standard - such connection with FLX-HDPE ducts is airtight and easy to make.
A system created with the FLX-PLO-EPP-L boxes achieves the airtightness class C.

Key features:

  • EPP is an insulation material λ=0.039, the wall thickness is about 8 to 31 mm.
  • “Double” FLX-HDPE duct fixing - the male connection spigot with a gasket on the inside and EPP casing on the outside.
  • The plenum boxes do not corrode.
  • Long connection spigot (Ød1) for the air valve has 280 or 300mm.
  • 2 installation methods - with screws and wall plugs or with 17-25 mm-wide PB perforated tape.


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