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EPP plenum box for air valve

Photo of product FLX-PLO-EPP-75-3


 The FLX-PLO-EPP-F plenum boxes are part of the FLX-REKU air distribution system designed for domestic mechanical ventilation systems, so-called the MVHR system, to which an air valve and FLX-HDPE / FLX-HDPE-A ducts with a diameter of Ø75 are mounted.

Due to their small size, they do not require much space or special installation. This allows achieving a larger usable floor area of the room.

The FLX-PLO-EPP-F plenum boxes are made of expanded polypropylene, i.e. EPP, while Ø75 spigots are made of ABS. The material used allows obtaining an aerodynamic shape of the inside of the box which leads to low air resistance.

Key features:

  • EPP is an insulation material λ=0.039, the wall thickness is about 8 to 31 mm.
  • The profiled internal shape of the box reduces pressure drops
  • “Double” FLX-HDPE duct fixing - the male connection spigot with a gasket on the inside and EPP casing on the outside
  • The plenum boxes do not corrode
  • Spigot (d1) for an air valve with graduation to be cut to size as required - 40, 60, or max. 80 mm.
  • 2 installation methods - with 3 screws and wall plugs or with 17-25 mm-wide PB perforated tape

The FLX-PLO-EPP-F plenum boxes are equipped with TPE gasket on Ød2 spigots as a standard - such connection with FLX-HDPE ducts is airtight and easy to make. A system created with the FLX-PLO-EPP-F boxes achieves the airtightness class C.


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