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Horizontal distribution box for FLX-REKU system

Photo of product FLX-PLO-R-P-50


FLX-PLO-R-P-50 distribution boxes (manifolds) are used to run
the domestic ventilation ductwork to each individual room.
The air distribution box is equipped with a perforated panel,
which is intended for even airflow distribution.
As a rule, one air distribution box with a proper amount of
FLX-HDPE duct connection spigots is installed in the supply
and exhaust air. However, the number of air distribution
boxes depends on the building design. The Ød1 connection
spigot is used to connect the main supply or exhaust duct
from the heat recovery unit. FLX-HDPE / FLX-HDPE-A ducting
is connected to Ød2 connection spigots.
FLX-PLO-R-P-50 distribution boxes are made of galvanized
steel sheet. Air distribution boxes made from stainless steel
are available on request

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