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Circular shut-off fire damper with spring and a thermal fuse

Photo of product FDA-12-T

The FDA-12 round shut-off fire dampers used in the general ventilation systems as protections that prevent smoke and fire from getting between the separated neighbouring fire zones.
The shut-off dampers in question have been classified in accordance with the procedures included in PN-EN 13501-3+A1:2010P (fire classification of construction products and building elements). The fire tests have been carried out in
accordance with PN-EN 1366-2:2001P (Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 2: Fire dampers). All the production activities are in conformance with PN-EN 15650:2010.
The FDA-12 shut-off dampers may be used in vertical and building partitions, ensuring the fire rating of EI 120 ( ve ho i <-> o ) S (depending on the fire rating class of the building partition)

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