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Controller for electric heater HDE

PULSER Controller for electric heater HDE
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PULSER controller is used to maintain the setpoint temperature of the air in ventilation and heating systems. PULSER controller is designed to control an electric heater HDE based on temperature set point by a user and duct sensor.

Keep the heat under control – use the PULSER controller for electric heather HDE

has a built-in air temperature sensor. PULSER can also work with an external temperature sensor TG-K 330 mounted in the supply-air duct. PULSER is very easy to install. It sholud be connect between the supply volatge and an electric heater HDE. PULSER automatically detects the voltage and connection of external temperature sensor.

The PULSER controller has been engineered to operate HVAC ducts with separate room temperature sensing. This provides very precise control of the desired temperature. Additionally, the HDE ducted electric heaters are also operated using the PULSER regulator. 

PULSER has a built-in temperature sensor to control the room temperature and inputs for external sensors. This provides maximum comfort for the customer in the most efficient way. Installed as an accessory for a heat exchanger and wired to a room temperature sensor or a ducted air temperature sensor, PULSER helps to maintain our settings at the level we want - an air temperature sensor is also built into the PULSER controller. Additionally, the PULSER is also designed to monitor an HDE electric heater based on a temperature value set by the user and a duct sensor, and it works on both of these bases.

Therefore, if you want to adjust the temperature so that you feel comfortable in the room at all times and the desired temperature values are maintained at the same level, it is worth considering the purchase and installation of a PULSER. This will allow you to set and control these parameters according to your wishes.

Easy to install, easy to use - the advantages of PULSER controller

Designed for wall-mounting, the PULSER is fitted with a rotary knob that allows the user to adjust the temperature setting to a comfortable level. PULSER also has support for the TG-K300 external air temperature sensor, which can be installed in a ductwork.

Installation of the PULSER is very simple and quick, even for beginners, using the instructions provided. The unit requires a serial connection between the wiring of the power supply and that of the HDE ducted electric heater. The PULSER controller automatically detects the supply voltage and the external air temperature sensor (if connected).

The PULSER controller features P and PI microprocessor-based control units. When monitoring slow temperature variations, PULSER uses the P control unit; whenever a dynamic temperature variation is detected, the PULSER switches to the PI control unit. The internal air temperature is regulated by switching the total heating power on and off as required. The power supply is switched by a thyristor module and the switching cycle time is preset to 60 seconds, thus making the working time (ON) of 30 seconds and standby time (OFF) also 30 seconds equal to 50% of the total heating power. The temperature control range of the unit is between 0°C and 30°C.

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