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Industrial News

2020-05-07New English Technical Catalog Alnor 7.0

New English Technical Catalog Alnor 7.0


It’s here! Download the newest edition of our Product Catalogue 7.0

What’s new? Quite a lot, our catalogue has over 1000 pages filled with technical specifications, new designs, models, and how-to manuals. 


We’ve added brand new product groups, i.e.:

  •  The system of Single-Compartment, Circular Smoke Extraction Ductwork
  •  The EPP Thermal Ducting for the MVHR systems


We’ve also added new products or models to the existing product categories:

  • Chemically Resistant Plastic Ducts and Fittings – circular & rectangular
  • Air Valves, Diffusers and Louvres
  • FLX-REKU Distribution System for The MVHR systems (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery)
  • Shut-off Fire Dampers with Access Panels – circular & rectangular


We’re aware that scrolling through over 1000 pages can be a “challenge”, that’s why in the newest catalogue edition we’ve added hyperlinks in the table of contents. How does it work? Simply CLICK on the product name and you will automatically be transferred to the correct product page.

We strive to keep the product technical specifications updated and if needed we expand them with new test results and information. Therefore if You find any of our technical sheet unclear or lacking some information, feel free to drop us an email with Your suggestions or questions: or use the on-site chat. 


Download Catalog in PDF format from our website.

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The e-MOCarz electrostatic precipitator is a new product from the MOCarz series of anti-smog filters dedicated to domestic mechanical ventilation systems. The e-MOCarz filter ensures the highest filtration efficiency, as high as 95%, of ePM1 and ePM2.5 particles, i.e. the main component of smog. It effectively purifies polluted air extracted from the outside, without significantly affecting the operation of the entire system (power consumption constitutes only 9W, and the filter itself is reusable). The electrostatic precipitator due to its unique design is a more efficient solution than standard non-woven filters (e.g. HEPA filters), which clog up much faster, thus reducing the efficiency of the entire ventilation system. In addition, depending on the level of contamination, HEPA filters should be replaced at least every 3 months, if not more often, while the e-MOCarz filter is washable.

How does an electrostatic precipitator work?

Polluted air initially passes through a steel mesh pre-filter (which retains larger fractions), then is positively ionized in an electric field due to the “crown discharge” effect. In the last stage, the previously charged particles, are pulled by electrostatic force toward horizontally mounted aluminium plates (electrodes) and build up on their surface.


  • The high filtration efficiency – 95% of ePM1 and ePM2.5 particles
  • The compact design makes it an ideal filtration solution for residential mechanical ventilation systems with a capacity of up to 720 m3/h
  • Aesthetic design , powder painted  galvanized steel
  • Additional filter modules available on request - ionizing module (purifying and revitalizing the air) and active carbon module (higher air purification including odour reduction)
  • Higher performance and service life compared to traditional HEPA nonwoven filters
  • Low airflow resistance, ergo low energy consumption by air handling equipment, e.g. RAHUs
  • The perfect complement to the mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Renewable filter – simply rinse the filter with water
  • Wall-mounted or from the ceiling (mounting strips included)


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2019-10-08TRANS-Quick System - Dust extraction

TRANS-Quick System - Dust extraction

TRANS-Quick is a modern clamp-together ducting system intended for industrial dust extraction. Ducts and fittings are joined with clamps equipped with a gasket. TRANS-QUICK modular system is used in the variety of of industrial applications which include: woodworking, metallurgical, foundry, food, and paper industry.

Modular clamp together system for industrial dust extraction:

  • quick & easy to assembly and disassembly - clamp together system,
  • diameter range from Ø100 to Ø600 mm
  • ducts and fittings made of galvanized steel in 0.7 and 0.9 mm thickness,
  • easily adapted to existing ventilation systems
  • system includes: telescopic pipe, silencer, manifold, extraction hose, access door, regulating damper,
  • no rivets, screw or welding required.

CatalogueCheck the technical catalogue for TRANS-Quick system

These and other products for ventilation and heat recovery can be found in the PRODUCTS section 

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2019-07-30Plastic ventilation systems

Plastic ventilation systems

Ventilation systems made of plastics are widely used in many areas and sectors where the conventional materials, such as plated steel or stainless steel become insufficient due to their limitations. Plastics have traditionally been used in laboratories, chemical industry or spaces of high purity grade. 

Available materials:

  • PVC - polyvinyl chloride
  • PVCW - white PVC polyvinyl chloride
  • PPs - flame resistant polypropylene
  • PP - polypropylene
  • PP-EL-s - flame resistant electrically conductive polypropylene
  • PE - polyethylene
  • PVDF - PVDF plastic

Advantages of plastics:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Low weight
  • Durability
  • High standard of air tightness, low leakage
  • Do not require frequent maintenance



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CFDM-V device combine features of dish air valve and shut-off fire damper. It is an alternative for standard fire valvr. Main advantages of CFDM-V are high fire resistance classification, small dimensions and more versatile application.


  • Round dampers 100, 125, 160, 200 mm
  • Damper actuating mechanical
  • Part of inlet/ outlet dish valve
  • Maximum air speed through opened damper of 12 m/s and pressure difference 1 200 Pa
  • Fire resistance EIS 60, 90, 120


  • CE certified acc. to EN 15650
  • Tested in accordance with EN 1366-2
  • Classified acc. to EN 13501-3+A1
  • Internal leakage class 2 acc. to EN 1751
  • Corrosion resistant acc. to EN 15650


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2019-07-09Over 1000 products in one place!

Over 1000 products in one place!


Get to know our Product Range – Check our Product Overview! On 44 pages we’ve shown over 1000 products, described more than 10 ventilation systems and reviewed all our certificates, technical approvals as well as selection software that supports our clients. 

Examples of our ventilation systems:

  1. The SPIRAL-System is a proven system of quick-coupled spiral ducts and fittings provided with factory-installed EPDM gaskets. The gaskets provide leak-proof and durable joints between SPIRAL®system components. The system components are available in a full range of diameters from Ø80 to Ø1250 mm. SPIRAL system meets the requirements of PN-EN 12237 for air tightness class D (Certificate no. 0103/07).
  2. Components of the FIX-System suspension are made from galvanized steel or stainless steel and they meet the requirements of the BRI (ITB) Technical Recommendation no. RT ITB - 1112/2008 Includes: EQVS, EQZS, EQLS, CLR, CLRL, TKN, KLQ, PG, TK, LDB, PB.
  3. Roof installation accessories are a range of fixtures and tools for easy and safe suspension of round and square ventilation ducts. Roof installation accessories are a range of modular roof support kits and roof feet, as well as other accessories that make the assembly easy and fast. Sets of roof supports can be used on flat roofs and slightly sloped roof. Roof support kit consist of perfectly matched elements - roof feet, sections of channel, screws, nuts, etc.
  4. FLX-REKU is a complete ventilation system which comprises ventilation ducts, plenum boxes, air dampers and other components for building ventilation solutions with heat-recovery units. The system comes very handy when heavy-duty and flexible ducts are required. The high circumferential rigidity allows burying the ducts in concrete.
  5. The EPP duct system is made of expanded polypropylene. The system has a number of design and installation advantages: low weight, quick installation (no additional connectors or screws required), no additional insulation is required since the material itself is already an insulator, easy to cut using hand tools, no thermal bridges. Thermal conductivity: λ=0.039 [W / m * k].
  6. SQUER-System - rectangular ducts and fittings.
  7. The IZOL®system is a registered tradename of pre-insulated ventilation ducts and fittings for indoor and outdoor systems. All system components are provided with inner and outer steel sheet cladding, and a thermal-insulation layer in between. The nominal diameter range of 100-500 mm always refers to the inner diameter of ducts and fittings. There are 3 types of insulation  available: 25 / 50 / 100 mm.
  8. Ducts and fittings insulated with rubber foam Fovent®system. The insulation made of rubber mat is available in 4 sizes: 9, 13, 19 and 25 mm.
  9. Insulated fittings IZOL-SAFE System designated for marine applications. Bend with air-insulation and duct with wool based insulation.
  10. OFF-SHORE ventilation ducts and fitting - Circular ducts and fittings made of galvanized metal sheets, stainless steel 1.4404, wall thickness in stainless steel fittings from 0,8 up to 1,25 mm depending on diameterr. Swelling gasket for high temperatures purposes.
  11. Ventilation systems made of plastics are widely used in many areas and sectors where the conventional materials, such as plated steel or stainless steel become insufficient due to their limitations. Plastics have traditionally been used in laboratories, chemical industry or spaces of high purity grade.
  12. TRANS-Quick is a modern clamp-together ducting system intended for industrial dust extraction. Quick assembly and disassembly, using pull rings to connect components - which can be reused and reassembled.Ducts and fittings are manufactured from galvanised steel sheet 0.7 and 0.9 mm in thickness using butt welding method, components are joined with clamps equipped with a gasket.
  13. Circular smoke extraction ducts and fittings SMOKE-SYSTEM.


In our product offer You can also find:

  • Heat recovery unit
  • Filters prevent contaminants from flowing with the air supplied into rooms and ventilation ductwork.
  • Valves and ventilation grillse
  • Ventilation duct silencers
  • Ventilation dampers, vav flow regulatores and actuators
  • Duct heaters
  • Access doors 
  • Duct fans
  • Roof hoods and cowls
  • Fire dampers and valves


Moreover, our products are tested and certified by:

RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden AB Certification (former SITAC)
Air Tightness Certificate for Ventilation Ductwork System - air tightness class D according to EN 12237:2003 - round spiral ducts and ductwork fittings with seals.

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr
M1 Cleanliness class for air handling components:

  • Ventilation spiral ducts
  • Pressed bends, reducers, T-pieces and take-offs
  • Segmented bends, reducers, T-pieces, take-offs, male couplings, offsets
  • Air dampers: regulating, shut-off, iris, multi blade

TÜV Rheinland Polska
Certificate of production quality:

  • Round ventilation ducts and fittings
  • Mounting accessories
  • Regulating, shut-off, non-return and iris dampers
  • Ventilation silencers

Instytut Techniki Budowlanej ITB (The Building Research Institute)
Technical approvals and certificates of constancy of performance

  • STRUT assembly system
  • Suspended mounting elements
  • Flexible ducts - fire classification
  • Fire dampers

Passive House Institute
Certificate for HRU-PremAIR-450 heat recovery unit confirming compliance with the highest energy efficiency requirements.

and many others.


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2019-05-24Duct and fittings made of EPP

Duct and fittings made of EPP

The EPP duct system is made of expanded polypropylene. The system has a number of design and installation advantages:

  • Quick installation (no additional connectors or screws required),

  • Low weight,
  • The system EPP achieves airtightness class C (according to EN 12237),

  • The ducts fit directly into the connectors of the PremAIR heat recovery units,
  • The inner diameter of the EPP duct system fits the size of the SPIRAL®System components with male ends.

Ducts and fittings are available in the following diameters (inner): Ø100, Ø125, Ø160 and Ø180. The ducts are sold in two lengths: 500 and 1000 mm. The wall thickness is 15mm (standard version, graphite color) or 43mm (expanded
version, black color). Each duct or fitting is supplied with 1 female coupling.


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2019-05-24NTA: Strut System for fastening and suspension of ductwork

NTA: Strut System for fastening and suspension of ductwork

STRUT system elements for ductwork suspension received a positive assessment of performance in the form of the National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2019/0940:

We’ve tested:

  • fixing rails and channels: LDB, LDBST and LDBDT,
  • cantilever support arms: W-LDB and WK-LDB,
  • threaded rods PG,
  • slide nuts without (SNP) and with a long spring (SNL) as well as a short spring SNKL.

STRUT system components are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized or electrogalvanized carbon steel. Check the new load capacities of fixing rails and wall-mounted support arms. See test results for tensile strength of threaded rods and slide nut loads. LDBST channel and STRUT channel accessories are essential components of roof support sets. 

Validity of the National Technical Assessment: 2024 r.


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2019-05-14Fire dampers FDA2 with access door

Fire dampers FDA2 with access door

The FDA2-12 round fire dampers are designed for use in general ventilation systems to seal off smoke and fire between adjacent fire partitions. The fire damper blade remains open under normal operating conditions. It is closed shut automatically in the event of a fire. 

  • The fire dampers are classified according to EN 13501-3+A1:2010P,
  • The fire resistance was tested as per EN 1366-2:2015,
  • The entire manufacturing process meets the requirements of EN 15650:2010.


  • The FDA2-12 fire dampers can be installed in horizontal and vertical fire partitions to provide fire resistance of
    EI 120 (ve ho i↔o)

  • Designed for round and rectangular ventilation systems,

  • Available dimensions: in the nominal sizes from 160x160 to 1000x500mm or diameter from 200 to 630mm,
  • The dampers have an inspection panel,
  • Possible use of fire dampers in general ventilation,
  • All fire dampers have a torsion spring trip (in version FDA2-12-T) or
  • a return-spring actuator coupled with a thermal trip (in version FDA2-12-M).

The fire dampers can be installed in the following partitions: concrete separing floor, concrete wall, solid brick wall, cellular concrete unit wall, gybsum board wall on steel frame.


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2019-03-21FLX-REKU - The complete air distribution system in a brand NEW version

FLX-REKU - The complete air distribution system in a brand NEW version

The smart solution for air distribution - FLX-REKU system: 

The FLX-REKU air distribution ductwork consists of ventilation semi-rigid ducts, distribution and plenum boxes, ventilation dampers and other elements that, together with a heat recovery unit, constitute a complete mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery (MVHR). The FLX-REKU system is a great solution when high durability and flexibility are required. The high circumferential rigidity allows burying the ducts in concrete.


  • Aesthetics of the installation - high durability and mechanical strength allows for assembly in a concrete screed in the ceiling or in the insulation layer,
  • Small dimensions and a unique structure allow installing FLX ducts under the ceiling, on walls and laid on floors,
  • The minimum number of joints ensures minimal pressure loss,
  • The antimicrobial lining in FLXHDPE-A ducting contains silver ions,
  • Quick and easy assembly - the offer includes all necessary couplers and mounting accessories!
  • Guaranteed airtight installation - connections with EPDM gaskets,

We have expanded the range of FLX-REKU system products with silencers, offsets and UPgraded the design of plenum and distribution boxes!!


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