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BIM object libraries for Autodesk Revit from MagiCAD


BIM (Building Information Modeling)  is a modern approach to design. Contrary to the common belief, BIM is not only about 3D models – it is a collection of processes, software, and information about products, which make all the stages of the investment more efficient: design, construction and management of a facility put into service. In the long run, the intention of BIM is to reflect as many properties of the respective elements of the structure as possible through modeling by means of the computer software.

Potential advantages of the application of such an approach include:

  • The creation of the design documentation of higher quality, with a smaller number of errors
  • The easier verification of the design documentation which corresponds to the objectives of the investor,
  • The tool that supports the quotation of work and facilitation of the tendering process for contractors,
  • The easier management of changes (revisions) during the construction process,
  • The tool that supports the settlement process in quantity survey contracts,
  • The support of the process of control with regards to the progress in the construction work,
  • The better management of the structure

Great Britain has already implemented the BIM methodology (Level 2) in the public procurement system. The underlying reason was the need to reduce the investment costs from the public sector and to prepare the correct design documentation for further use.  The BIM elements are also used in Denmark and Germany.  Also in Poland, there have appeared assignments in the public and private sectors, whose terms of the contract are based on the BIM methodology.

For the purposes of implementation of the BIM methodology, an open file standard has been developed (IFC- Industry Foundation Classes).   This is a universal (and free-of-charge) format, which allows for the transfer of data between different platforms.

Great popularity is also gained by native formats - as e.g. RFA from the Revit Autodesk environment. 

Revit is a software which is used for BIM ( Building Information Modeling) by architects, engineers who design mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations, designers and contractors, developed by Autodesk

Revit has functions designed for all disciplines involved in the construction of a building - ventilationair-conditioningwater supplysewage or electrical systems.  

Modelowanie instalacji HVAC

The template developed especially for round systems will facilitate the design of the ventilation system:

  • 5 material versions - galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet - 304, stainless steel sheet - 316L, aluminium sheet, copper sheet
  • 5 language versions: PL, EN, DE, RU, FR
  • Parameters of many fittings can be changed with a single click
  • Selection of the system with a gasket or without it.
  • Drawing of the system ”along the line” with automatic supplementation of fittings
  • Automatic selection - delivery or segmented fittings, depending on the diameter
  • Stop fold taken into account in the geometry of fittings - real dimensions of fittings
  • The geometry of the fittings ensures proper drawing of the insulation in the REVIT environment
  • Automatic calculation of connecting nipples in the material specification


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