Industrial ventilation

2020-12-11 Variable Air Volume Systems - VAV Siemens Controllers

CAV and VAV are modern air volume control systems. What is the difference between them? CAV (Constant air volume) is a constant air flow control system, regardless of the current air flow from the air handling unit (flow stabilization).


2020-08-18 Ventilation Silencers for Air Duct Systems | Product Selection Guide

The silencers reduce noise in ventilation pipelines which is generated by such units of equipment as fans and air handling units as well as noises coming from individual rooms. Thanks to the good appearance and compatibility with the remaining parts of the ventilation system, the silencers can also be installed in visible places.


2020-07-16 STRUT System Channel & Accessories | Product Selection Guide

Strut channel, channel brackets, beam clamps, cantilever arms and more. Quick and easy support system for ventilation ducts, pipework, rooftop installation etc. Check our product overview and customize Your support system!


2020-06-23 Most Common Mistakes for Strut Channel Selection

How to avoid a mistake when selecting a strut channel? What product characteristics should be taken into consideration? Type of material/ finish - pre-galvanized, electro galvanized or hot-dip galvanized? What about tech. approval? Find out more!


2020-06-19 Self-Drilling Screws Selection and Application Guide

Self-drilling screws have extremely broad application in many industries, including HVAC industry. How to choose the correct self-drilling choose? When and how can we use self-drilling screws in the ventilation ductwork assembly? Keep reading to find out!

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