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Spiral duct for smoke extraction system

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SPR-Z-SMO SMOKE system spiral circular duct, fire resistance
class: E600 120 (ho) S1500 single, designed for single-compartment
smoke extraction systems and combined (dual-function) systems.
Made of galvanized steel sheet DX51D+Z275 according to PN-EN10346:2011,
thickness 0.7mm for diameters from 100-710mm, 0.9mm for diameters from 800-1000mm.
The maximum length of a straight duct is 6000mm.

Spiral ducts meet the requirements of airtightness class D
in accordance with PN-EN 12237. In the whole range of diameters,
they are made as spiral lock seamed ducts made of 137mm wide sheet metal sheet,
additionally, from the diameter of 250 to 1000mm, they are corrugated.

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