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The film to application

01. Component database overview

Update 2011-12-20
Size 3 mb

The application’s database contains a selection of round duct components, square duct components and flexible duct solutions by "ALNOR Systemy Wentylacji Sp. z o.o." We do our utmost to include databases by other manufacturers as well..

02. Inserting components

Update 2011-12-20
Size 4 mb

Inserting components is very simple and intuitive. The dialog window lists all the required parameters, it’s up to the designer to specify all the dimensions, material type, etc.

03. Own components

Update 2011-12-20
Size 4 mb

It is possible to add „own” components to the project, which will be fully supported by the Wentyle application.

04. Building a square duct installation

Update 2011-12-20
Size 10 mb

The video shows inserting square ducts and fittings.

05. Inserting intake ventilators

Update 2011-12-20
Size 12 mb

An example of a proper connection of the square intake ventilator to the installation.