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Project – Wentyle

WENTYLE are an AutoCAD application assisting in design and calculations of ventilation systems. It operates with the following programs:

  • AutoCADR14
  • AutoCAD od 2000 do  2011

WENTYLE program is free of charge

WENTYLE assists in designing ventilation systems based on round section ducts and square section and oval section ducts and fittings made by ALNOR.
It also contains a duct and fitting data base on bazy Belimo, BH-Res, CWK, Darco, Dospel, FlaktBovent, Loximide,  Mercor, Smay, Ventia, Venture.

It also allows convenient system building and easy introduction of changes. Automatic calculation of pressure drop in the system to be set up or in fragments thereof is also possible.


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The program operates in AutoCAD environment as a result of extensive consultations among Polish ventilation designers. It is being developed continuously.


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Compatibility with other programs supporting desinging

Wentyle 5.5 operats BricsCADem V11, ArCAD 2009, GstarCAD 2011, 4M IntelliCAD