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Ventilation system made of copper

 Ventilation ducts and fittings made of copper sheet

Ventilation system made of copper is a guarantee of aesthetics, durability and low cost of operation. Such an installation, apart from its unique style and colour, is also very durable. It does not undergo corrosion; moreover, it is resistant to changes in atmospheric conditions and air pressure in the installation.

The characteristics of copper perfVentilation air duct made of copper sheetectly matches the needs of users of ventilation systems. Copper is one of the oldest metals.

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Additionally, in a natural way, it prevents the growth of bacteria.

Copper, thanks to its properties, is very durable and plastic. In contact with moist air, a layer of patina is formed. The delicate coating protects it against corrosion.

Copper reacts with air containing water vapour, is susceptible to fresh well-oxygenated water, but does not react in contact with seawater. The following have a strong effect on copper: chlorine compounds, acids, chlorinated lime, and mortar. Copper dissolves in nitric acid.

Copper has a high resistance to temperature and pressure fluctuations. Additionally, it is non-combustible, and does not support a flame.

Thanks to its biostatic properties, copper inhibits the growth of bacteria. Research approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the United States) proves that copper destroys harmful bacteria, germs, microbes, pathogens, moulds, fungi and viruses that come in contact with the surface of copper ducts. In addition, a copper ventilation installation is much safer than a steel installation that must be regularly cleaned using ozone and chemical biocides.

Additionally, copper conducts heat very well, thanks to which this material is ideal for installation for heat exchangers.

Copper installations are a good choice for places exposed to sea water as they do not react with saline.

Ventilation ducts and fittings also can be made of copper - thus, they take the natural antibacterial properties of the material. Round tubes are made in the same technology as traditional SPIRO spiral-wound, galvanized SPR-C pipes. Available diameters range from 100 to 500 mm, including all intermediate dimensions produced from a material of thickness of 0.5Ventilation fabricated elbow made of  copper mm.

Segment fittings which are connected to pipes by means of nipples can also be made in a system with EPDM seals, providing an increased tightness class. Copper knees, T-pipes, reducers, and ventilation nozzles are made in segments of dimensions compatible with galvanized fittings.

Roof copper elements match perfectly roofs made of this material; they both change colour during the oxidation process. Thanks to this, roof edges will form a coherent whole.

In addition to the functional properties of copper ventilation elements, the characteristic colour of copper is also worth noting. Thanks to it, a copper element adds uniqueness to the design of modern lofts and stylish retro interiors.

Copper elements have a positive effect on health of users of ventilation systems and are environmentally friendly. Thanks to the characteristic colour of copper, an element made of this material adds uniqueness to the design of modern lofts and stylish retro interiors.