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The main task of the recuperator is to expel foul air and supply fresh air with specific parameters - temperature, moisture, efficiency.

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Recuperation equals savings

2012-11-15Recuperation equals savings

Recuperation has become a fashionable trend in the modern construction business, mostly due to the savings potential it offers.
Additionally, the growing investor awareness and better availability of the energy-saving materials mean that mechanical ventilation systems win more and more popularity.

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Hygiene of ventilation

2012-11-15Hygiene of ventilation

The functionality of a ventilation installation is the matter not only of its design and assembly but also of its proper exploitation and maintenance. To ensure the flow of fresh air to the interior of buildings it is necessary to take care of hygienic state of the installation through its regular cleaning and disinfection

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Ventilation ducts with antibacterial coating for people who suffer from allergies

2012-11-15Ventilation ducts with antibacterial coating for people who suffer from allergies

Flexible hygienic ducts offered by Alnor are used in rooms with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The IZODUCT-HY and ALUDUCT-HY ducts have antibacterial coating which prevents the development of moulds, bacteria and fungi, so they satisfy the specific needs of persons suffering from allergy.

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