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Alnor knowledge base

14 Things You Need to Know about PremAIR

2018-07-1814 Things You Need to Know about PremAIR

Already here! Our newest heat recovery unit - designed and constructed by Alnor's R&D department - PremAIR-450 with 90.3% heat recovery. The latest components available on the market were used for its design and production - see for Yourself - get to know 14 things that You simply need to know about PremAIR.

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FAQ - Plastic Ductwork for aggressive environments

2018-06-19FAQ - Plastic Ductwork for aggressive environments

How to join plastic ductwork? What kind of welding device to use? What materials and diameters we have in stock? Can plastic ducts & fittings be stored outside? These and more questions about chemically resistant plastic ventilation ductwork.

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Ductwork cleanliness standards with M1 classification

2018-01-10Ductwork cleanliness standards with M1 classification

It is hard to overestimate the cleanliness . Especially nowadays, when alarms go off about air full of pollution like particle matter, hydrocarbons or Carbon and Sulphur oxides.

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Vibration damping solutions in ventilation systems

2017-06-27Vibration damping solutions in ventilation systems

In a standard ventilation system, there are many vibrations and noises which are transmitted in the metal ducts, generated by air handling units - fans, heat recovery units, and chillers. A properly installed ventilation ductwork should have built-in components to counteract the transmission of these vibrations or significantly isolate and dampen them.

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Brief - STRUT support system

2016-06-27Brief - STRUT support system

Easy, quick and precise installation of ducts even in hard to reach places is the main advantage of the STRUT support system. The available selection of mounting accessories make for a fully professional fixing system.

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PWQ-R flange cleat – for fast duct joining in hard to reach spots

2016-06-27PWQ-R flange cleat – for fast duct joining in hard to reach spots

The PWQ-R flange cleat is used for joining rectangular ducts. A channel of particular length is slid on PQ-20 or PQ-30 duct frame profiles. Bent edges provide an easy way to slide and hammer the channel. SAVE time and room!

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What is ErP 2015?

2016-04-06What is ErP 2015?

ErP, that is, ”Energy related Products” means products related to energy. In order to accomplish the objectives of the EU Climate and Energy Package the EuP directive - “Energy-Using Products” was issued in 2005, which was thereafter replaced by the ErP directive in 2009.

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Axial and in-line fans

2016-02-01Axial and in-line fans

Fans can be divided in several ways: by place of installation, e.g.: in line, wall mounted, ceiling mounted; by application, e.g. for kitchen canopies, chemical resistant, desmoking; by fan construction, e.g.: axial, radial. The present article will present the most important features of in-line duct fans as well as axial, wall mounted fans.

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Enthalpy- facts & myths

2015-10-26Enthalpy- facts & myths

Would You like to know the difference between the standard heat exchanger and enthalpy exchanger? Is moisture recovery new trend word or does it really matter? Read our article to get the answer to these and more questions!

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Electric round duct heaters

2015-05-25Electric round duct heaters

HDE and HDE-CO circular duct electric heaters are intended for installation in ventilation systems where it is necessary to raise the temperature of supply air or to maintain it at a constant level. They are designed to work with the duct fans. HDE and HDE-CO circular duct electric heaters can be used to heat air in shops, offices, homes, workshops, garages, warehouses, production halls, etc.

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