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Alnor knowledge base

Air filters for ventilation installations

2013-11-28Air filters for ventilation installations

Filters are used in ventilation systems for protection against impurities which may cause irre - gular operation of the entire system or damage its individual components. Air filters are used to ensure adequate indoor air quality for users in rooms fitted with the ventilation system.

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Insulating tape – the essential accessory in every fitter’s arsenal

2013-11-05Insulating tape – the essential accessory in every fitter’s arsenal

Aluminum foil based tapes are used to insulate fitting and ventilation duct connections. Their flexibility allows perfect adhesion and fit on uneven surfaces. Tape is widely used for masking, insulation, screening as well as to reflect light.

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Ventilation roof elements

2013-09-24Ventilation roof elements

Rotating caps are assembled on the top of the chimneys as an ending of the fumes, smoke and ventilation ducts. Their use significantly improves the chimney draught and protects the ducts against negative atmospheric conditions.

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Air flow regulators for ventilation installations

2013-07-25Air flow regulators for ventilation installations

Air flow regulators are used to automatically adjust the air flow in a ventilation system. They allow to alter the air output to set the optimum air conditioning for each room within a building.

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Ventilation dampers

2013-07-08Ventilation dampers

Air dampers are an important component of ventilation systems. Depending on their actual function, dampers are divided into: regulating dampers, shutoff dampers and airtight dampers - which direct the air fl ow into the ventilation system.

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Ductwork installation guide - screws usage

2013-06-25Ductwork installation guide - screws usage

Lap screws have a broad possible application in the assembly of ventilation ducts, both round and square ones. Screws are mostly divided by head type. Alnor product offer consists of screw types: “7” socket head, Phillips head and PAMHEAD.

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Ventilation duct insulation

2013-04-22Ventilation duct insulation

In order to protect the ventilation system from condensing steam, fire or to dampen noises caused by the flowing air, various types of insulation are used.

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ST-ROF system – roof feet and supports of highest quality

2013-04-10ST-ROF system – roof feet and supports of highest quality

Comprehensive solutions, unified product selection and full supplies are highly desired properties for both the contractors and trading companies. Choosing such solutions serve to cut down on costs, improve flexibility and often cause a decrease of the final purchasing costs. For this reason, we would like to present the ST-ROF system - it includes top quality feet and supports for ventilation, air conditioning and cooling system components.

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Guidelines for using stainless steel components

2013-04-03Guidelines for using stainless steel components

The natural corrosion resistance of stainless steel is due to the intrinsic, thin layer of chromium oxide which develops on its own on the surface and protects from corrosive agents. This layer rebuilds itself after the surface is subject to mechanical damage (chromium joins with oxygen), this process can take place when there is access to air, but also in water.

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Ventilation duct tools

2013-03-26Ventilation duct tools

An increasing number of companies begin to value workmanship quality, fl exibility and task delivery speed. For this reason, apart from the good prices offered by sales platforms like www.alnor-b2b., it is important to use actual tools for cutting, joining and installing ventilation ducts. See below for product examples which are perfect for manufacturers of ventilation components as well as contractors and suppliers.

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