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Flexible duct
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Flexible ducts complement the ventilation ductwork. Flexible
ducts are a good solution for building connections between
rigid ducts made from metal sheets and air supply diffusers or
plenum boxes. They can also be used to output hot air from
a fireplace firebox to an air heating ductwork system, or for
building heat recovery systems.

The flexible ducts are designed for the high sizing range of
round ventilation components to facilitate assembly of a
ventilation system. The flexible ducts are available in 3, 5 and
10 metre long sections (measured for a fully stretched section).

The ducts are flexible; as such, they can be easily installed in
hard-to-reach parts of building or whenever it is difficult to
exactly lay out the connections of plenum boxes beneath a
suspended ceiling. The 10 metre long flexible ducts reduce the
time to connect short ductwork stretches. The 120-cm long
boxes ensure easy handling and storage of flexible ducts. The
25-mm thick mineral wool insulation and the perforated inner
tube allow using flexible ducts as ducted silencers.

Flexible duct
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