Flanged spigots for round ducts

Photo of product FLT

The quick-coupling flanges for spiral ducts and seam-welded dust extraction
ductwork are installed directly at the bare ends of ducts or fittings.
All quick-coupling flanges are installed by sliding them over the duct or
fitting at the side with tab fasteners toward the duct / fitting end.

They can also be fastened with self-drilling screws or rivets. The ducts and
fittings tipped with quick-coupling flanges are a great choice for ductwork
joints which require fast disassembly and reassembly. This solution is widely
popular in woodworking and sawdust or EPS debris collectors.

The quick-coupling flanges are also recommended for large-size ducts and fittings
(diameter of 630 mm or greater) with joints at high levels for a quick and easy
joining process. A ductwork system built with the FLT quick-coupling flanges
meets airtightness class C.