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Filter cassettes for rectangular ducts

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The FSCQ cartridge filters are designed for filtering air flowing
through square ducts. The casing of each FSCQ cartridge filter
is the square duct in which it is installed. The cartridge filter
is inserted into the square duct from above, and then locked
and sealed in place with clasps.

This design of the FSCQ cartridge filter allows easy replacement
of the filter element. The filter element is made of a pleated filter
element mat protected by a galvanized steel wire mesh. The
FSCQ cartridge filters can be provided with class EU3/G3, EU4/G4,
EU5/G5, and EU6/G6 filter elements. Optional filter elements
include versions for separation of grease fumes and oil mist
vapour. The cartridge filters are available in aluminium,
galvanized steel or stainless steel for long service life and

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