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Air Volume Regulators for the Ventilation System

Air Volume Regulators for the Ventilation System

Variable Air Volume Controllers in Alnor's offer:

  • high air flow measurement accuracy (also applies when the regulator is installed in locations with a high disturbance in the air flow, e.g. duct sections behind bends, tees, etc.),
  • the insulation rating of the adjusting damper is class 4 as per EN-1751:1998 EN-1751:1998,
  • casing tightness is class C as per EN-1751:1998,
  • the damper is compatible with spiral duct regulating components, which have an insulation class “D” certificate according to SITAC,
  • operating temperature range from 0 to 50oC,
  • differential pressure range from 0 to 600 Pa,
  • possibility to measure current air flow parameters using external micromanometers.


Technical sheetDownload the pdf technical sheets for VAV and CAV Regulators

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